Magazine Articles

Getting to Zagreb the Hard WayVagabundo Magazine
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Talking Years Abroad – The National Student
Tears and Tantrums in PragueTravel Origins Magazine

Travel Blog Articles

Why Solo? Female? Travel?  Girl and the World
Slow Travel in Germany – The Art of Slow Travel
Accidently Travelling Australia Solo – Pack your Passport
Why you should take the Indian Pacific – Don’t Fly Go!
Cheap Travel: How to Hitchhike Europe – Don’t Fly Go!
Volunteering in India: Things to take with you – Going Abroad
5 Everyday Japanese Things that Should be Everywhere – Holiday n Adventure
Ultimate Female Packing List: Study Abroad Germany – Her Packing List
Why are Generation Y looking abroad for work? – Generation Y Working
Neko no Jikan: Cat Cafe Osaka – Japan Tourist
Can Relationships Go the Distance – Travel Sex Life
So you want to be an English teacher in Japan? – Going Abroad
Why TEFL? – TEFL England
Meet Georgina Young and her Hydro 35+5L – Her Packing List
The Time I Almost Shat Myself on a Bus – Ladventurers
How to Piss off Someone from Wales – Matador Network
Depression on the Road – Career Break Site
Descending Fuji – Travel Generation


Travelling Internship

Top 5 Tips for Moving Abroad – Gap Daemon
Top 5 Kick-ass things to do in Germany – Gap Daemon
Free Things to do in London – Gap Daemon
Who is George? – Gap Daemon
Pouring the Perfect Pint – Dublin – Gap Daemon
How to Hitchhike Across Europe – Gap Daemon
A Day in the Life of a Hitchhiker – Gap Daemon
Party Boat in Budapest – Gap Daemon
Doener Macht Schoener – Gap Daemon

DVD Reviews

Isn’t Anyone Alive? – Diverse Japan
Sengoku Basara – Diverse Japan


My Gap Daemon Travelling Internview – Gap Daemon
Random Traveller #75 – No Place to Be
Travel Germany: George on the Go – Travel Link Sites
Teaching English in Japan, Germany and India – You Can Teach English
Interview with George on the Go – Backpacks and Bunkbeds
Interview with George on the Go – Gotta Keep Movin


Welsh Breakfast – Backpack Me


100 Travel People to Follow on Twitter – Roo Around the World
Liebster Blogging Award – Pearls and Passports
Liebster Blogging Award – Gotta Keep Movin’
My Top 5 Travel Regrets – Roo Around the World
Liebster Blogging Award – Sammy’s Generic Travel Blog
Liebster Blogging Award – The Same Stars
Liebster Blogging Award – Roo Around the World
Sisterhood of Blogging Award – Central Station
Very Inspiring Blog Award – The Vintage Postcard

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