Not Travelling Solo

I am a woman who likes things her own way. I don’t like going on hikes. I don’t like randomly walking around monuments without a plan. I don’t like stopping places to take 1000 mindless photos. And most of all I don’t like compromising.

Poor photos of yourself is a downside to solo travel

Poor photos of yourself is a downside to solo travel

All this is why I love travelling solo. I’m not saying that there are no downsides to travelling by yourself, sometimes it can be terribly boring, especially if you have made a poor choice of hostel, and days out don’t last half as long without conversation and someone to share everything with.

But in general my memories of travelling with friends have ultimately ended in some sort of confrontation. Spending long periods of time together you eventually begin to grate on each other. Things you used to love about your friend soon begin to irritate, and their indecisiveness or overplanning begins to drive you mad.

Running down Las Ramblas crying was the breaking point in Barcelona

Running down Las Ramblas crying was the breaking point in Barcelona

And ultimately even if you are like two peas in a pod you are going to want to do different things, visit different places, your priorities will be different.

So how did I cope going on holiday with 30 people staying with them in close quarters in a small village in Northern Germany?

Everyone helping themselves.

Everyone helping themselves.

Well brilliantly actually. While travelling in large groups presents its own problems, it solves the problems the solo and small group travel provides. When you are lonely there are plenty of people to talk to, when you want to be alone you can always slink off and if someone is getting on your nerves you can walk off and join another group. If someone suggests a hike it’s your choice to tag along or to stay at home; the world is your oyster.

Of course things would not have gone half as smoothly if it wasn’t for our gracious hosts amazing organisation and delegation skills. I would like to take the time now and say a big thanks to him for all his hard work and effort getting everything sorted so that we could all have an amazing 10 days together. He really was an angel keeping his cool even in the face of a poosplosion.

A big thanks!

A big thanks!

But that’s another story.

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