Don’t go to Denmark on a Saturday

The title says it all really. Let me begin by saying that Denmark is a country of many great things.

Where would the engineers of today be if they had not been brought up with those inspiring multi coloured Lego bricks? When us Brits want something slightly better than the sweat and urine we call Carling, where would we turn if it was not for Carlsberg? How would hangovers all over the world be cured without the delicious taste of a Danish bacon sarnie?

But one thing Denmark cannot claim is a banging weekend scene.

An empty Billund

An empty Billund

Before people start coming to Denmark’s defence, angrily bashing away at their keyboards in disgust, I should explain that I did not go anywhere near the glitz and glamour of Copenhagen. No, sadly I was on my way to Billund.

Billund is a paradox. One of the few places that is noted for its close proximity to delightfully exciting, yet expensive attractions such as Legoland, a water park and Safari and yet it is served by Ryanair. If you can only afford to fly on the elegant, blue and yellow eagle that is Ryanair, you probably don’t have the money to spend twice the price of your flight on a trip to Legoland.

Enjoying Denmark's Windmills

Enjoying Denmark’s Windmills

But what about the town centre I hear you cry? Well as the man in the sports shop, who we used as tourist information, explained to us “There’s not really much here” this statement followed a highly judgemental “Why have you come to Billund?” with that upward inflection which makes you judge the decision yourself.

Nothing here but it is pretty

Nothing here but it is pretty

Billund in itself is just a few small cafés, shops and a fair amount of motorcycle enthusiasts, so we decided to drive to the nearby town on Grindsted. And while this town to seemed to have rather more shops, (it even boasted a cinema) the streets were desolate, and I mean not a soul in sight. We stopped in a small but stylish café and ask what on earth is going on? The kind lady on the other side of the counter pointed out to us with a smile that Denmark closes at 1pm on a Saturday. I was taken back to my year abroad: the sleepy village of Rodenbach where things shut down at 1pm on a Saturday and refused to resume order until Tuesday.

Noting our mistake we took our chances on the city of Vejle, which while having a lot more going for it, it was, as promised, all closed. My friends napped on a sculpture in the sun, while I read my kindle.  We did get some funny pictures with the sculptures though.

Chilling out in Vejle

Chilling out in Vejle

Sadly there are no exciting stories from Denmark but maybe you can share yours.

What would your weekend recommendations for Denmark be? 

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3 thoughts on “Don’t go to Denmark on a Saturday

  1. Even Copenhagen isn’t up to a heck of a lot in the weekend! Which is no great shame considering the price of beer in Denmark… makes pubs in central London look cheep!

    • Sorry about the late reply I have been in India with seriously limited internet. We saw a Danish man crossing the German border with a car FULL of beer. The high prices would explain that!

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