Road tripping across Europe: The Statistics

Recently, my dear audience, you have had the pleasure of me moaning about essays and exams. However, as the end of our university careers draw to a close, some friends of mine had the idea to hold a festival to celebrate never studying again, to give us something to look forward to following exams and of course to take our mind off our impend results.

The location: Husum, Germany.

The Beautiful Husum

That’s right, my friend, with the help of his super cool dad, held a festival in their home which is also a converted train station. There is an active train line that runs directly next to the house, and an old, abandoned train carriage in the back garden, which we used as the setting for a huge 24/7 party.

The Wreckage Carriage

With the party taking place all the way in Northern Germany, the idea for the European road trip was born. Starting from our University in Warwick, our first stop was in the ever popular city of Amsterdam, to get some rest and see some sights before completing the journey the next day.

Canals of Amsterdam

Husum being so close to the Danish border, we made an airport run to Billund and couldn’t miss out on the chance for a day in a country we had never visited before. Unfortunately the weekend is not exactly the most exciting time to be in Denmark … but more on that later. For now, the statistics:

Windmills in Denmark

Countries travelled through: 6. UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Cities and Towns explored: 6. Amsterdam, Husum, Flensburg, Billund, Grindsted and Vejle.

Days spent abroad: 10

Money spent on Petrol: Luckily my friend drives a petrol friendly (and sexy) Fiat 500 so with 4 sharing the price of petrol the whole trip was only around 80€ each in petrol, which was less than some people paid in flights, particularly with the added cost of luggage.

Keep tuned for more stories from the road …

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