I have Never …

No this post is not about the drinking game I detest so much, but about a confession. I cringe, I shrink back in my chair, I try to wriggle out of it, but the truth is for a traveller, I haven’t really travelled.

The Blog is a Lie

Admittedly I had a late start in life. Family trips to Butlins as a child are hardly worthy entries into the travel journal. The only holiday we went on as an entire family, outside of the UK, was to Gran Canaria on a last minute deal, and by last minute I mean we packed and left the next day. Back then we didn’t have the luxury of choice. I’m not saying I did not revel in the 5 hour flight or the hours sweltering in the pool, I loved it, it was a little piece of luxury. However, it was hardly the rough style of travel I’m now accustomed to. Where Ryanair flights are booked, nights are spent sleeping in Stansted, and with little thought I’m staying in a different country every other month.

So what have I never done, where have I never been? Well everywhere really. I have never ridden a chicken bus around South America, I have never trekked out into the African desert and worst of all I have never backpacked through Asia. In fact I have never even visited Asia at all. The most I have seen of Asia is the inside of various airports on the way to and from Oz. The parts of the world I have seen, ticks off 2 very small areas on the map; Europe and Australia.

One of the few countries I’ve seen

But all this is about to change you see I have been offered a place volunteering in India! Yes for a month I am going to be working on a farm near Delhi teaching school children and helping out in the community as part of the Laksh Foundation. After a very scary Apprentice style interview I have been deemed suitable to impart my knowledge on to the good people of India, but I’m sure they have far more to teach me than I them. And how will I deal with India during 40 degree heat and a monsoon? Well that’s what I’m dying to find out. Really I live for culture shock.

So come July, with a slightly lightened heart, I will be able to say I’ve seen more of Asia than the airport.

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