Blast from the Past: Finnish Sitsit

The man ran down the aisle carrying a chainsaw ….. he came closer and closer and then…….. he slipped…..

But more on that later. You know how I say I always wish I had blogged about Germany …. no maybe not but I do say that and I thought

Hey why don’t I do that now!

My brain is still swimming with all the cool blogtacular information and seeing as I’m not going anywhere (for the next 30 odd days) I thought I would start off with one of my faves. Not only was this one of my favourite memories of 2011 but also my favourite city and country that’s right you guessed it (or didn’t based on how well you know me) ……..

It’s Helsinki baby!!

But George I hear you cry, how can you like Helsinki it’s soooo cold. Why yes it is children look …

This photo was taken in March, it was -10c snowing everyday but that didn’t stop Finland from being KICK-ASS!  The people are so chilled out (I made a funny), the food is incredible and coat check is included in the club entry (I assume so that women in tiny dresses and heels don’t freeze to death). And although the whole time I was in Helsinki it was INCREDIBLE, one memory stands out above all others.


If you haven’t been to Finland (I think they do it in Sweden too) then a Sitsit is when loads of students gather and are treated to a 3 course meal while drinking loads and singing. You are sat Finnish-Foreigner-Finnish to make sure you mingle and after every song (read every five minutes) you have to toast all the people around you and do a shot. There was also crayons on the table to doodle (I drew an island) and entertainment throughout. Each Sitsit has a theme. Ours was Stereotypes

Lack of time to prepare meant I drew on a tiny moustache and beret.

The whole basis of the Sitsit is you let your food get cold as you are so excited by whats going on around you (a lot of jumping up and down, singing and of course shots of vodka). They handed out “stereotypical” cue cards and we were meant to act out a play our theme was “an American in Finland”. No-one having any idea what was going on, my friend as eccentric as he is got up and did a HILARIOUS stand up comic routine, taking the mick out of Americans for not being culturally aware and taking the mick out of the Finnish for having a complex language, switching from jokes in English and Finnish fluently. He’s a STAR!

And then the entertainment arrived…. A full brass band that were also doing a bit of comedy and then someone started up a CHAINSAW and ran willy nilly up and down the aisles with it. Bringing the chainsaw closer to people as if he was going to chop our heads of oh yea and some comedy slips and trips pretending he had no control over it. It was HILARIOUS  oh wait that’s not the word …..


If not incredibly exciting enough (baring in mind my already drunken state of panic) For the finale they then brought out a toilet and a sledgehammer and smashed the hell out of the thing. If you can’t imagine that here’s what it looked like.

No-one knows how to smash a toilet like the Finnish!

And so the Sitsit was over and I must say it was one of the strangest experiences I’ve  had TO DATE.

Have you had any unusual experiences abroad? Something out of the ordinary?

So what do you think?

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